Meet Bodd.


It starts with a scan.

Bodd Retail Scanner:

  • Provides a rapid, self serve scan experience (under 60 seconds)
  • Touch screen interface to guide consumers through the process
  • Scan captures a highly detailed, accurate 3D body model
  • Rapidly extracts customer measurements across any point or contour on the body
  • Ultra-rich biometrics data capture
  • Integrate and store data within your existing CRM
  • Customised branded livery and housing available

Tech specs:

  • Arm dimensions: 350mm x 2170mm
  • Base circumference: 600mm
  • Windows Kiosk software

Technology Page
Body Scanner

Scan outputs.


Bodd’s scanning technology allows businesses to quickly and easily capture an accurate 3D body model of customers. From this model a range of outputs can be generated depending on a merchant’s requirements for sizing.

  • Size Match

    Size Match

    Instant sizing recommendation without try-ons.

    Customer body measurements are used as a “size-match” tool, outputting sizing and fit recommendations for any product in a range. This is achieved by matching garment specifications and measurements or a direct pattern to the customers' measurements.

    • Reduce returns due to sizing errors
    • Increase sales conversions
    • Improve customer satisfaction through a frictionless experience
    • Integrate and store data alongside customer purchase / CRM for appropriate future online marketing
  • Measurements


    • Identify key points and landmarks on the body
    • Extract lengths, girths, surface areas, and distances for various parts of the body
    • Real-time computation for fast results
  • 3D Body Model

    3D Body Model

    • Can be used to output sizing and fit recommendations for any product in your standard size range.
    • Integrate and store data alongside customer purchase / CRM for appropriate future online marketing.
    • Gateway to a frictionless omnichannel customer experience.
    • Customer scans can be sent directly to Bodd 3D printers for quick and inexpensive customer replication.
  • Rich data capture

    Rich data capture

    • High fidelity 3D body model
    • Body measurements
    • Eye colour
    • Hair colour
    • Garment sizing
    • Shoe size
    • Biometric information

Commercial implementations.

Bodd is currently implementing the technology across a number of verticals – retail, health and fitness, military and uniform as well as high end sporting goods.

Commericial Implementations


Reduce returns and increase conversions. Bodd’s size match technology ensures correct sizing garments are recommended.



Leverage rich body data to offer improved health and fitness services. Bodd provides key body sizing information as well as biometric data.



Streamlined sizing processes for uniform brands. One scan can provide sizing across all product SKU’s for a brand.



Use Bodd to create high end sporting apparel, custom fit for athletes of all abilities based on a high fidelity 3D body model.

Add-on modules.

Bodd Mobile

A body scanning mobile app that generates a 3D model from 2D images.

Bodd 3D Printer

The world’s quickest 3D printing designed for printing life-size human replicas in an efficient, eco-friendly manner.

Bodd Cloud

Management tools to access 3D body scans, measurements, and other data extracted from the scans.