Bodd’s 3D scanners provide ultra high fidelity scans capturing rich body data that brands and companies can leverage to deliver highly personalised products and services to consumers.

It starts with a scan

The Bodd Scanner

  • Provides a rapid, self-serve scan experience (in under 60 seconds)
  • Features a touch screen interface to guide consumers through the process
  • Captures a highly detailed, accurate 3D body model
  • Rapidly extracts customer measurements across any point or contour on the body
  • Delivers ultra-rich biometrics data capture
  • Integrates and stores data within your existing CRM

Tech specs

  • Arm dimensions: 350mm x 2170mm
  • Base circumference: 600mm

Scan outputs

Bodd’s scanning technology allows businesses to quickly and easily capture an accurate 3D body model of a customer. From this model a range of outputs can be generated depending on the merchant’s requirements for sizing.


Bodd saves time and increases online conversions by enabling instant sizing recommendation without try-ons. Customer body measurements are used as a “size-match” tool, outputting sizing and fit recommendations for any product in a range. Garment specifications and measurements or a direct pattern are matched to the customers & measurements. Bodd size match technology:

  • Reduces returns due to sizing errors
  • Increases sales conversions
  • Improves customer satisfaction through a frictionless experience
  • Integrates and stores data alongside customer purchase history / CRM to enhance future online marketing.


  • Identify key points and landmarks on the body
  • Extract lengths, girths, surface areas, and distances for various parts of the body
  • Real-time computation for fast results

Rich Data Capture

  • High fidelity 3D body model
  • Body measurements
  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
  • Garment sizing
  • Shoe size
  • Biometric information