Unlock new health opportunities with body data.
Only from Bodd.

A wealth of precise consumer wellness data

Bodd scanners are purpose built to capture and process the widest possible array of human body insights. A Bodd scan provides critical body sizing information and wellness data, Everything from key measurements through to vitals and health metrics, all in under a minute.

Insights to improve quality of life for your customers

Across multiple health indices, the data captured from a Bodd scan can be used to generate product recommendations, accurate sizing for medical grade garments, and even recommend specific pharmacy products based on each individual’s unique scan data.
Bodd’s data collection can enable on-the-spot health assessments and enable tailored health services or wellness recommendations at the individual level.

Activate extensive upsell opportunities with ease

Bodd’s data driven results can drive product category recommendations for the consumer, with capability for sponsored branded product placement.

Seamlessly transition in-store customers online

Using precise, first party insights, your digital teams can easily nurture in-store visitors online as well as encourage consumers back in-store. 

Your digital marketing teams can leverage data never before available until now.


Guaranteed performance
 & reliability

Physical scanning units are built and quality-tested by global manufacturing titans Bosch. Scanner operability and performance is guaranteed – so you never have to worry about reliability.
Bodd’s exceptional scanner accuracy results from technology development in collaboration with the smartest minds at key Australian research and technology institutions.

Simple pricing, set up and onboarding.

Zero capital outlay
With a SaaS business model, you can implement Bodd immediatley and offer your customers a highly personalised experience with zero capital outlay. Your business simply pays a fixed cost-per-scan.
Simple installation & integrations
Bodd scanners can be set up rapidly with minimal disturbance to operations. Integrating existing inventory, ERP, CRM, or other back-end systems is hassle-free.
Easy onboarding & staff training
Bodd is here to help your business do great things. It begins with a structured onboarding process that will equip your team with the knowledge to rapidly realise the benefits of the Bodd system.

Simple pricing, set up and onboarding.

Accurate data from head to toe
Bodd scanners are unique in capturing an immense amount of high-quality data. Ultra-high-fidelity scans can be used to generate meaningful and precise analytics across every human body dimension.
24/7 unattended operation
With self-service user friendly instructions on screen, your customers can scan themselves quickly and easily - no staff assistance needed!
Compact and transportable
With a footprint of about 1m2 , Bodd’s collapsible scanners take up minimal floor space and can be easily moved between clinics, pharmacies or other locations as the need arises.