Retailing reimagined.

Only from Bodd.

What would it mean for your business if your customers only tried on sizes that fit?

Drastically reduce in-store friction points

Bodd’s in-store scanning experience leads directly to increased conversions
Reduce in-store staff reliance
Bodd units are self-serve and can be left unattended.
In-store size recommendations
Ensure customers don’t need to try on multiple items to get the correct size.
Reduce held up stock
More people in the correct size means less stock held up in change rooms.

Boost your
 environmental credentials

Bodd can help your retail business reduce its carbon footprint through reduced waste, decreased returns and improvements to core stock efficiencies across a store network.
Better yet, Bodd can provide quantifiable outcomes to measure the improvements relevant to ESG.

Activate custom products for your brand

With rich body scans and associated data on your customers, Bodd can unlock highly personalised and customised product opportunities.
Segmented body scans can be used to craft custom products from head to toe. From custom helmets to ice skates - Bodd’s scan is your gateway to custom product offerings.

Better business 
powered by Bodd

  • Improve in store stock efficiencies
  • Increase gross profit through real time insights into missed opportunities
  • Better inventory and merchandise efficiencies (size curves, production, ordering, transfers)
  • Quantification of lifetime value uplift (LTV); average customer online spend, post scan

Seamless omnichannel shopping experiences.

Nurture customers instore to online. Scan in-store and let your customers decide where and when they want to shop.

Access new data. Activate with ease.

More data than ever before
Bodd captures precise data across the entire human body and turns it into meaningful outputs your business can use. Your digital marketing team can garner deep insights to provide highly personalised consumer experiences.
Simple pricing. Simple implementation.
With a SaaS business model, retailers can implement Bodd with zero capital outlay. A Bodd experience can be set up quickly with structured onboarding. Scanners can run 24/7 unattended, capturing consumers body scan data with zero human assistance.
Integrate with ease
Bodd integrates quickly and easily with existing software, CRM and marketing automation platforms - driving better business outcomes and business process improvement. API services can be provided as required. Connections with other leading business solutions are constantly evolving.