Why is ESG important to Bodd?

We have an enormous opportunity and obligation to empower retailers with the tools to reduce their carbon footprint and the wastage created in the fashion sector.

Through Bodd’s 3D scanning technology, we are in a unique position to address major environmental problems created by the apparel and wider retail sectors.

The apparel sector is the world’s second-biggest pollutant.

We are a public unlisted company; we have a clear obligation to be an ESG leader

How can Bodd help your brand?


Deploying Bodd’s technology results in tangible, measurable and reportable action in the following key areas:

  • icon-apparel
    Reduction in apparel returns
  • icon-logistics
    Reduction in logistics and freight
  • icon production
    Reduced production requirements
  • icon-cart
    Supports online consumer engagement
  • icon-delivery-3 1
    Better deployment and movement of stock
  • icon-heart
    Consumer sentiment

Bodd Social


‘Social’ is the notion that business and governments are responsible for creating a fairer, more inclusive and equitable society. It includes action in many different areas such as:

  • Fair treatment and respect to consumer and stakeholder rights
  • Diversity
  • Equal opportunity
  • Health and Wellbeing

With express consumer permission, Bodd is in the privileged position of being a true custodian of important body data. With this data is becoming increasingly useful and important to consumers' everyday lives, Bodd pays particular attention to its ethical and legal obligations as a steward of this data. This includes the management, policy and security measures to protect and allow the appropriate use of this data, always with consumer rights and wellbeing central to our decisions and actions. In doing so, consumers can directly support or influence how major apparel brands action ESG.

Bodd is a global leader in this space and by extension, working with Bodd enables your brand to leverage the work and infrastructure we have built to protect and empower the consumer.

“Bodd’s technology leads and enables ESG affirmative action both at corporate and consumer levels. It is our ESG mission to deliver fast and immediate global measurable apparel sector change backed by direct consumer action.”


Bodd Environmental

The apparel sector through poor practice, low tech sizing and standardised wrong sizing has created the world’s 2nd largest pollution crisis; 2nd only to the oil & gas industry. By applying Bodd’s technology at the manufacturing, distribution and consumer stages of the retail journey, Bodd can immediately and significantly reduce up to 80% of your brand's sizing waste. Bodd enables immediate short term action with leverageable long term results that can be measured and reported on, consistent with your brands own ESG policy.