Culture & Values



We all have a role to play in nurturing this business - it's collectively ours.
We know we are building something big and lasting which will take time and effort.
We take real pride and responsibility in growing this business into something incredible, that we can all be proud of.

Creative problem solvers.

We are equally excited to be solving real global problems along with the day to day challenges we must tackle.
Most things we will do, haven’t been done before. We think on our feet and solve complex challenges quickly.
Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We experiment and learn, always.

Good human beings.

We’re a tight knit group that helps each other out and we genuinely care about those around us.
We address things early and we are not afraid to have tough, honest conversations. We’re OK with giving and receiving feedback.
We are always respectful and there’s never egos in our team - we don't have time for jerks, even if you’re brilliant.

Courageous & humble.

We are laying the track as we race over it.
We are comfortable with the unknown and have conviction and belief in what we are doing - we are not afraid to step into the dark.
We frame challenges in a positive light and are always quick to own our mistakes, learn from them and move forward.
Optimism is essential when dealing with the unknown, but false bravado and arrogance is not tolerated.

High performing & trusted.

Our people are high performing and get the job done.
We champion the end goal and hire A grade team members, knowing that each of us will deliver.
With trust comes freedom - there’s no clock watching or micro-management. No rules or set times for when we work, or where we work from.

Love work, love life.

We are proud of the work we do - we’re excited to tell our friends about it at a BBQ on the weekend.
We know when to put in the extra hours, but know that it’s not always sustainable. We manage this carefully to ensure we don’t burn out.
We prioritise our happiness, physical and mental wellbeing. It’s always OK to make room for the people and things we love.