Body data to
power personalised

Bodd's 3D scanners
provide ultra high
fidelity scans capturing
rich body data.

How it works

One scan.
Infinite uses.

Improve stock

Save time
and money

Unlock greater
athletic performance

Provide more
accurate diagnostics

A single scan establishes a unique, secure body passport for each consumer, housing a wealth of data for merchants to tap into in order to tailor their services.

Our tech
  • Retail
  • Health & Fitness
  • Uniform & Military
  • High Performance


Reduce returns and increase conversions. Bodd’s size match technology ensures correct sizing garments are recommended.

Health & Fitness

Leverage rich body data to offer improved health and fitness services. Bodd provides key body sizing information as well as biometric data.

Uniform & Military

Streamlined sizing processes for uniform merchants. One scan can provide sizing across all product SKU’s for a brand.

High Performance

Use Bodd to create high end sporting apparel, custom fit for athletes of all abilities based on a high fidelity 3D body model.

Our fast growing company was voted Australia's Most Innovative Technology Company with the Best Innovation Culture to match. We've also been awarded top supply chain environmental excellence awards in the country and we’re pretty chuffed about that.