Rich body data to power highly personalised consumer experiences

How it works

Only Bodd’s 3D scanners capture rich biometric data across the entire human body – giving you the power to deliver more highly personalised products and services.

One scan.
Infinite possibilities.


A single scan establishes a unique, secure body passport for each consumer, housing a wealth of data that merchants can use to tailor their services.

Health and Fitness

Leverage rich body data to offer improved health and fitness services. Bodd provides key body sizing information as well as biometric data.


Streamline sizing processes for uniform merchants. One scan can provide sizing across all SKUs.

Custom Wearables

Use Bodd to create high end sporting apparel, custom-fitted for athletes of all abilities, based on a high-fidelity 3D body model.

Innovation lives here

Our fast-growing company was voted Australia’s Most Innovative Technology Company with the Best Innovation Culture to match. Bodd has also been awarded a top supply chain environmental excellence award and in 2021 took out a Pause Award. We’re pretty chuffed about this.

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