Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Bodd Scanning Service.  As an optional and voluntary method of obtaining uniform measurements, Bodd Technologies Pty Limited will conduct an infrared body scan to create physical bodily measurements and, in turn, to provide sizing recommendations for your United uniform, using sizing parameters set by United.


By clicking “Agree” and consenting to be scanned, you agree to be bound to these Terms and that United and Bodd will process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Notice. 



You must use the Bodd Scanner strictly as directed and follow all instructions, prompts, or guidance provided by either the Bodd Scanner interface or by a representative of UA.



All use of the Bodd Scanner is at your sole risk and liability and United and Bodd takes no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered as a result.
You forever release, indemnify and discharge United and Bodd from any and all loss and damage suffered as a result of the use of the Bodd Scanner, including injury, non-performance or lack of suitability.  

All express and implied terms, conditions and warranties which might otherwise apply to, or arise out of the provision of the Bodd Scanner are excluded, other than as expressly set out these terms or which cannot be lawfully excluded.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the laws of the State of Illinois and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Cook County, Illinois.

Privacy Notice for Bodd Scanning Service

United (“United”, “we”, “our” or “us”) value its employees and the privacy surrounding their personal data.  This Privacy Notice applies to the collection, use, storage and otherwise processing  of your personal data in connection with the Bodd Scanning Service, as described in the Terms and Condition. It applies to United Airlines and Bodd Technologies Pty Limited (“Bodd”) while acting as United’s processor and service provider.  Using Bodd Scanning Service, you are herein consenting to the following data procedures expressed within this Notice.  

You should carefully read this Notice, together with any other privacy notice or policy we may provide governing your employment more generally.

1. Type of Personal Data Collected and Purposes Behind the Collection 
We collect and use your personal data in order to provide sizing recommendations for your United uniform based on our uniform parameters. Bodd processes your personal data (UID, and physical measurements of your physique)  solely on our behalf and for these limited purposes. 
Please note that we already have some of this information (UID) in our possession and describe those purposes when appropriate. 

2. Disclosure and Transfer of Your Personal Data
To utilize the Bodd Scanning Service, we will authorize Bodd to disclose personal data to United, its vendors and suppliers for purpose of delivering the appropriate-fit uniforms. Specifically, Bodd will only disclose UID and the recommended sizing for the United uniform. It will not share the physical measurements and associated data resulting from Bodd’s scan. 

3. Withdraw Consent
If you do not wish to consent to Bodd’s scan through the Bodd Scanning Service, you can proceed with the manual option for uniform measurements offered by United. 

4. Retention
Bodd will only retain your personal data for a limited retention period defined by United. United will retain the personal data provided by Bodd so long as it is necessary for the performance of the garment fitting and for any other employment purposes.
Bodd may deidentify your personal data; for example, aggregating scan data so it only relates to multiple persons and no longer relates to a single scanned person; and retain this deidentified version to improve the features and functionality of the Bodd scanning system.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy 
United Airlines reserves the right to update and/or change the terms of our privacy notice, and we will post those changes to our website homepage at FT.ual.com, so that our users and/or visitors are always aware of the type of information we collect, how it will be used, and under what circumstances, if any, we may disclose such information. 

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Notice, please feel free to contact us at the following telephone number or email us at privacy@united.com

Customer Support Contact
Toll Free: 800-255-5801