Welcome to the Bodd scanning service.  The purpose of this scan is to assist in finding the best fit for your garments. 


Your Scan Data

Your scan data is collected by Bodd Technologies Pty Limited (Bodd), an Australian-owned and operated business.  By agreeing to be scanned, you agree that Bodd may provide your scan data to the merchant for the purpose of fitting you with uniforms, and that Bodd, the merchant and the uniform provider may retain your scan data for any subsequent fittings.


Bodd as an Australian corporation is required to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) in relation to Bodd’s collection, handling and any disclosure of personal information about individuals, regardless of where those individuals reside, wherever Bodd does business around the globe. Most other jurisdictions also have their own data privacy laws.


The scan data and information collected by Bodd cannot, on its own, be used to identify you.  Bodd does not collect your name, address or any other personal identifying information.  We use your scan data to match your clothing size against the range of uniform products offered by the merchant, on an anonymous basis.  This sizing data will be shared with the merchant and/or uniform provider in order for those organisations to provide you with uniform products. 


Bodd may also retain, use, and disclose your scan data (and any data derived from it) to improve the features and functionality of the Bodd System and to build the corpus of data that Bodd uses to provide our services.  Bodd may also use derived data in Bodd services made available to other customers, including data analytics and insights services.  None of this data is used to identify you.



You must use the Bodd Scanner strictly as directed and follow all instructions, prompts, or guidance provided by either the Bodd Scanner interface or by a representative of the merchant where the Bodd Scanner is located.



All use of the Bodd Scanner is at your sole risk and liability and Bodd takes no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered as a result.

You forever release, indemnify and discharge Bodd from any and all loss and damage suffered as a result of the use of the Bodd Scanner, including injury, non-performance or lack of suitability.  


All express and implied terms, conditions and warranties which might otherwise apply to, or arise out of the provision of the Bodd Scanner are excluded, other than as expressly set out these terms or which cannot be lawfully excluded.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the laws of Victoria and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, Australia.

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